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Sun Microsystems Alumni Association
The network is the people

The Sun Microsystems Alumni Association (SMAA) was established in November 2001. Since then, the organization has grown to more than 5,400 members. Worldwide in scope, the organization consists of former employees of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and its acquisitions.

The SMAA provides a community for former Sun employees to network and share best practices that will enhance their careers and lives. An independent organization, the SMAA is not affiliated with Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Members' Feedback
… the pdf you posted with membership and stats… was great to see! Ed Dunphy
Thnx for the superb job you’ve done with the alumni site. Kathy Rinaldi
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a wonderful forum where people can stay in touch and help each other out finding a job! Julia Purtell
I really like your list...folks on it are super helpful and are providing great info! Thanks, Julie Julie Blaustein
The alias is a wonderful resource … and it’s good because it will help ex-Suners focus on something else besides the shock of being downsized, let go, RIF’ed or whatever clever term Sun likes to use. Leesa Barnes